Sunday, June 10, 2012

A little bit here and there.

Does anyone else work on three or four little projects at the same time? 
I know that we all have many projects on the go but I seem to find myself sewing a bit of one project and then get the next out and do a bit of that and then go back to the first and do a bit more stitching on it and then stop for a cuppa and then........

I think my problem is that I really try and get away without changing thread or the foot on the sewing machine.  It's all that stopping and starting and changing thread that I dislike and then to realise that you need the white thread again to do only a small line of sewing.  
(I think that is called 'Laziness' Erin)

The only bonus of chopping and changing is that I seem to finish a few projects together.
Last week I started my Mini Quilt for a swap with a member of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.
Some of you may remember that I came up with a few ideas and couldn't decide which mini quilt top I would use.  In the end I chose the grey/pink top to head to my partner and the other tops were made into two cushions. 

Very dense quilting ...1/4 inch straight stitching...lucky it was only a cushion and not a large quilt!

I'm very happy with this cushion. 
I will defiantly go back and make some more cushions in this style.

My second cushion is  ever so big. Just under 30" square.  Um don't know if I can get a cushion insert for this one but, I'm sure if I look around I will find something to fill it. 
Until then it will have to be a nice flat cushion.

So the mini quilt....I didn't want to rush things. Although I am going to do some hand stitching around the squares, I still haven't decided what type of FMQ I am going to use.
(yes I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and do some FMQ)

This week's lucky bloggers are:

Tuesday June 12
Kelly from Jeliquilts
Yzo from Chez Roo

Thursday June 14
Debbie from A Quilter's Table (Can't wait Debbie)
Once again looking forward to seeing what you are all making.
Thanks again for all that are dropping by in the past few weeks and have joined my little blog.
And a special thanks to Beth:  I am getting a great response!



  1. Love the really dense quilting on your cushion - it looks great.

  2. Loving the quilting on the pillows and the pattern.
    Maybe try making your own pillow insert with some muslin and stuffing?

    Yes I'm like you with the starting at least 4 projects at once....It's just some end up with me having to order something so I have to wait for it to arrive before the project can be finished =D

    Last day to enter my giveaway. If you haven't entered already today is your last chance =D

  3. Three or four? Lame! Try 9-10... Im hardcore! ;) looks fab, well done

  4. Kicking myself for not getting in on the swap! (AMQG member, hanging her head in shame)

  5. I'm with you Erin - all that stopping and starting, changing feet, changing thread or winding bobbins can really slow one down! I now two or three bobbins when I need to do it - and will swap projects rather than change threads! Now that I am using a limited range of threads - black, greys, beige, cream and occasionally white - I rarely have to change threads mid-project!

  6. haha. You made me laugh. ;-)
    Love your cushion and the dense quilting! And of course - I work on several projects at once - really motivates me. Looking forward to the hop week too - lots of fun!

  7. You can get an insert 30" tho' not sure if this is the cheapest place!

    Love the quilting - good way to hone those skills!

  8. Love your cushions - and yes I am doing a bit of multi-tasking right now!

  9. The cushions turned out lovely E, of course we are multitaskers or aka take on more crap that we should but we are well able"

  10. The quilting on your cushion looks great, love it.

  11. Your cushions are lovely. There is something deeply satisfying about making cushions as you can try out different ideas on a small project. Sorry but I do one project at a time... Di x

  12. Love the cushions! Why dont you get some stuffing and make your own insert?

  13. I am making a similarly mahoosive pillow at the mo! I think we may have to construct our own cushion inners unless John Lewis has some outsize ones in their range....

    I am very much with you re the thread changing. Sometimes I can get away with a nondescript neutral, but e.g. when making my little girl's dress in bright pink, it was a pain switching spool & bobbin every time I fancied zipping through a couple of quilt blocks. It did make me finish off the bright pink dress more quickly though!

  14. oh I love your quilting on this cushion and the design very snazzy indeed! x

  15. I once read that luxury is having two sewing machines, one just permanently threaded in white! And TRUE luxury is having two overlockers, same arrangement.
    I suppose if you had room to have four machines all set up at the same time you might not get to use them all!
    And, yes, I have many projects on the go at the same time!
    Grasshopper mind, my mother says.

  16. I'm way behind on my commenting. Love the cushion and the Mini. And thanks for keeping up with the hop!

  17. Hey Erin, I am totally in love with your cushions and mini quilt. That's one happy lady in Atlanta finding that parcel behind a plant pot at her front door ;)


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