Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Mr Postman

A few wee parcels found themselves on my doorstep this week....
I had read on blogland that Sumerville is now available in oil cloth so when I went hunting for it look what else I found.
These little goodies were found in Lucie's Etsy store
I really love the sticky tape.
My new stash of Sumersville is going to be made into a cover for my beloved Kenwood!
 Thanks Lucie, I am so happy with it.

I would say my dear postie is quite sick of writing out little notes for me to collect my parcels from the post office so these days he just puts them behind the flower pot at the front door.
When hubby got his new phone delivered the other day our postman had a laugh at him and said that finally he has a parcel for someone else.....

'Quilt Blocks' collection by Ellen Luckett Baker

I had seen this collection over at Red Pepper Quilts and did fall for it at once (as you can see!)
I really don't know what I will make with it yet but I'm sure it will come to me one day.

And I forgot that I had ordered this a few months ago at but was delighted to find it the door this week when I got home today. 
I'm looking forward to getting it out this weekend with a cuppa and the yellow sticky notes.

Rain forcast for the weekend so looks like it will be a good sewing day tomorrow!



  1. What a lovely assortment of goodies! I love the sticky tape......never seen this before!

  2. So many wonderful goodies! I love that your postman got a laugh out of finally having a package that wasn't addressed to you. Packages in the mail are one of my favorite things - I wish they came more often!

  3. I love getting parcels in the mail. :) I definitely get a lot more than my fiance! I love your fabric! Isn't it great that the weather is a win-win for us who sew? When it rains, we have plenty to do to keep us entertained. :)

  4. Like your post better than your husbands! Those fabrics are gorgeous and let us know what you think about the book - I don't have that one!

  5. ooh I'm going to hide behind that flowerpot! Great post! (in both senses of the word!)

  6. lovely fabric! I'm waiting for some Summerville on the post too...

  7. I love Lucie and I love Quilt blocks, enjoy your rainy day x

  8. Whaf a lovely lot of fabrics!

  9. lots of lovely post there. I like that sticky tape - I thought it was ready made binding at first: that would be handy!

  10. Love your choice of fabrics and can't wait what you'll do with the "circle" one :-)

  11. What lovely fabrics! I'm so glad you found the Summersville oilcloth!

  12. You have got to love that postman, as he gives you terrific parcels! Di x

  13. At least he is kind enough to leave the parcels in a safe place...maybe we need to invest in a large plant pot...
    Such a great selection of fabrics. Is oil cloth like laminate? =D

  14. Have fun with all those goodies!

  15. lol funny postman! oh how I love quilt blocks ! I have been going a bit mad using it lately! need to get some flower gardens next I think! love the laminate too x


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