Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Pouch

I'm trying to get my Mouthy Stitches zippy pouch started and finished this weekend...really it will have to be finished today.

I had an idea and was hoping that things will just come together today...That's usually how life works for me.

Front and back of pouch.

I'm just not crash hot on these so I think I will start again....that and my zips that I bought are not going to fit and I do not have a store just around the corner from me.  What do you think?

Thanks to all that have entered in my Fugly giveaway,  
and taking all that Fugly Fabric out of the house. 
I was really happy that some one else can find a use for them.



  1. I like them they actually look cool. The mismatched squares would have to be my favourite one

  2. This is going to be a lovely pouch - I like them! Zips too short? Let me know what size you need - if 8" helps.

  3. I really like your squares. How about thinking a little outside the box, and just doing an internal zip pocket ( good tutorial on Sew Mamma sew)and a flap over the pouch, that way you would get away with a short zip. Or if they are too long, you can shorten them!

    I would pop some in to you, but you are too far away!

  4. I like these and think you should carry on if you can work out the zip thing...

  5. Please don't start again! These are fab just the way they are! If Hads can't sort you with a zip give me a shout! Jxo

  6. I completely agree, these blocks are fabulous!! Can you make tabs for the ends of the zipper to make it work if it's too short?

  7. I think these are just fantastic. FANTASTIC.
    What size zip to you need? I have a few here I could pop into the post.


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