Sunday, August 7, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Well another weekend over and I really don't know if I have achieved what I wanted to get done.
I was following many new blogs through the past week and I am in awe of the sewing projects from everyone and what gets done during the week....Where do you all find the time?

This weekend I was hoping to get four baby quilts finished off...that was quilting and binding....Did I get that finished....NO!
I actually decided that I needed some pins ( my favourite set)so had to finish another large quilt (that I started back in March, I think) as my collection of pins had been in the binding of this quilt for the past three weeks.
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I too wanted to get outside today and take a few photos, but as the rain kept falling, I gave up and went back to the computer and checked out some more blogs.

So - what did I get finished?...well I have almost finished the two 'Planes Trains and Automobile' quilts.

Two you ask?
I am still learning how much fabric I need for a quilt, so when I cut up all of my FQ bundle of Anne Kelle fabric, I realised I could make two small quilts.
I have also used 100% bamboo wadding for the first time in these quilts. I still can't decide if it was easier to use than the 100% cotton wadding or not. (I found it a bit slippery to work with when pinning it together)

So the final photo of my little quilts....Sorry, it is going to have to wait until was too dark to take a photo when the rain stopped.

On a final note, I would like to thank again to the followers that joined my blog this week, I have been quite surprised at the messages that you have been leaving. My quilting experience and experimentation of fabric is only limited, and I suppose I am taken back with the messages that have been left.
Thanks again. Erin.


  1. I will be interested ot know he you like the bamboo in the finished quilts. I've found it to be snugglier. I usually use Hobbs 80/20 cotton poly batting. It is very functional, easy to get, but nothing special. I've recently used Dream Orient - a blend of silk, bamboo, eucalyptus, and cotton - oh my. I feel like I'm sleeping at a five star hotel.

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! It looks like you got quite a bit done, really. At least to me! I started quilting what I would call a baby quilt Friday afternoon when I got the kids down for their nap and finished it Saturday morning and immediately started the binding and only got done with that late this afternoon. And that is with me basically neglecting all my domestic chores except the bare necessities! So by my book you have done well! Those quilts are going to be very cute, too!

  3. Fabric selection - color, scale and amount - is such a difficult thing for me. I'd rather have too much fabric instead of not enough. But just enough would be good.

    I've never used bamboo batting/waddng before either. How was it price wise compared to cotton?

  4. I'm curious about the bamboo batt too - didn't know there was such a thing! Does your LQS carry it? And quilting is always a process that needs to be fit around our 'real' lives. Any progress moves us forward!

  5. I'm brand new to the quilting world and overwhelmed at just how awesome it is, lol! Especially the fabric. Oh. The. Fabric. I've found the same thing - bought a couple of bundles for one project each, and could've easily made 2! Really should, but am too impatient to get the one thing I set out to do done, lol!

    New follower from Lily's Quilts :) xx

  6. Two quilts started and almost finished this week is pretty good going. Lovely fabrics.

  7. A friend, who is a quilting teacher in another state, recommends cotton. My current teacher always recommends wool/polyester. My former teacher swears by bamboo which my current teacher believes "beards"! But, to be fair to my current teacher, she also believes you need to choose the one that's right for you!


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