Sunday, August 28, 2011

I must not start a new quilt....I must not start a new quilt.....I must not...

A day of sewing and a front quilt finished just in time before the sun sets this evening.

Last week I started to cut up my 'Little Apples' charm packs and all week I have been umming and ahhing over what to do.

As you can see, I ended up just framing half the squares in White Kona.
(I do need to keep it simple) so I'm quite happy the way it has turned out.
I do wish though I got a layer cake of 'Little Apples' as I have missed out on the wee little girls and boys dancing in a circle. Maybe I'll just have to get that FQ pack at Fabric Worm.
I am looking forward to buying some of the prints when they do come out for some little dresses for my neice at home in Oz. I missed out on the Sherbet Pips, not much of it around now.

Ok, I promise I will not start another quilt until all quilts are finished, Oh except the Across the Sea Quilt Along.

Have a great week!


  1. The quilt is gonna look great! And good luck with your promise ;-)

  2. I know how you feel - I'm participating in the Across the Sea QAL and am piecing 2 other quilts... and have another in mind that I want to start cutting out. Must refrain! LOL

    I love your quilt shown here - nice design & such cute fabric you chose!

  3. The colours are great together. Loving the way you captured the first photo - looks great moving in the wind.

  4. Erin, it looks great! Love the sashing!

  5. I'm in The same boat! I have a lil apples charm pack I haven't touched but must finish some other projects first!

  6. Billy this is beautiful! You know, sometimes you get in a rut with projects and you NEED to start a new quilt...just to jumpstart out of it. [This from the woman who has a big struggle with finishing quilts from, oh, about 10yrs ago, shhhh.] Hmm, maybe you shouldn't listen to me!

    Returning your Small Blog Visit to my blog! Am going to follow you to see if you can keep your promise - and if not? - I'll be the devil on your shoulder all the way!!

  7. This is definitely what I keep chanting in my head. I have so many that I want to make, some are just so hard NOT to start. But I know I will never finish this going-on-3-year-UFO if I don't push myself to get it done. Plus my baby quilt, which I am excited to get done, just hope I can get more time to work on it before my daughter gets here! Love your quilt, just beautiful! Oh! New follower from Lily's Small Blog Meet! Thanks for following me!


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