Saturday, January 16, 2016

Finish a Long 2016

Hello anyone out there that still might come and visit me...

As part of my new years resolutions, my blog is getting a bit of TLC and hopefully I'll get back to a few more than 1 post for the year.

Life is busy in my house with these two little rascals.

But over the past few months I have been able to drag my sewing machine out from under the stairs and got a quilt finished and a few other little bits and pieces done.

Which brings me back to my NYR's.... I have a number of quilts that need to be put to bed (so to say).
I really would be happy to even finish one off  for the year, but when I read Cindy's blog to say that the FAL was back for the year, I thought I better make more of an effort.

I seem to stall on my quilts when it comes to quilting them. So I have just one for the FAL to get off my list.

This is where I am at.....
My plan is to quilt but it will be quite dense
Wish me luck!


  1. I LOVE that quilt, but I've never gotten around to making one -- good luck!! Cute little lion suit too :)

  2. It's great to see you in this space! What precious babies you have! ;-)
    Good luck - yes! I wish it for you for sure!

  3. That is a fabulous quilt top, quilted it will be amazing! Cheering you on from the sidelines.

  4. I've joined in too, hoping it will encourage me to actually finish things! Best of luck with the quilting! xx

  5. The kids are gorgeous Erin, well done on your NYR's. I haven't made any!

  6. Kids look amazing.. But they do drain you of sewing time and energy... But it does get better as they get bigger. So enjoy them even if the sewing is more limited!


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