Sunday, August 30, 2015

So a few things have happened since my last blog back in Oct of last year.......My goodness I have neglected my blog, haven't I.

I will admit that life has got very busy and the sewing machine has been put away since January and I don't know when it will be brought out again.  Hopefully soon but I am not putting any pressure on  myself to get anything done.

You see this little bundle of joy came into our lives arrived in February ( just a little early) and with Cora, life has got very busy.

As you can see he is not wasting away....

There has been a few makes before Padraig arrived  ( that knitted blanket in the background is one) but they can be for another day.  
So what I am doing when I get an hour in the evenings (not every evening) is a bit of hexagon making.  I thought this time around that I would be a little prepared for a good few months of not sewing on the machine, so this was organised and put in a bag with all the bits needed to hand sew.
Some of you have seen one or two photos on Instagram @erinbillybuttondesign

I have so much fabric that I could easily not buy anything for two years and still have enough wadding, batting and thread.
So my plan for the rest of the year is just to get a quilt or two finished, get a set of blocks done, but no pressure to finish anything.


  1. Awww...sooo cute and definitely worth the not sewing. They are small for such a short period of time and sewing can always wait.

  2. aww he is gorgeous, they both are. And the knitted blanket looks lovely

  3. Hi Erin, nice to hear from you! Your kids are so cute. Enjoy slow sewing :) My carry around hexies are growing very very slow!!

  4. Well done and congratulations! A very good production there! Just go with the flow, sewing will come back eventually!

  5. Oh my goodness, those cheeks are amazing!! What an adorable little guy. And your little miss is just too cute! Good to hear from you!


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