Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catching up on Bee blocks

Over the past month I have started some new projects (before others have been finished.) but have been very conscious that I needed to get back on track on making the bee blocks for the Irish Modern Bee.

Myself, I really do not mind when my blocks come in...I still have last years blocks sitting in my sewing room wondering when I will get to them. but I don't have the same relaxed attitude as my other bee ladies and know that they may be waiting with hesitation to start their own quilt top, so I got cracking on them.

May, June,  July, August, September.

One block to finish for Anna.

May off the list

Two blocks for Irina

June off the list.

Eight blocks for Fiona R

Yes there were 8 in the envelope

July off the list

Two blocks for Fiona L

August off the list

And four blocks for Helen

September off the list

Great now I am back on track.


  1. Was about to message you reading this post, saying no sweat, no rush, and then after August was September.
    They are perfect Erin, just what I wanted. x

  2. You are flying it! They're absolutely beautiful :)

  3. I still have to do September so you are ahead of me! they look great. Really like the churn dashes!

  4. Well caught up! I have just finished my stingy bee quilt from last year with you lovely Billy Buttons embroidered on the siggy block

  5. yeah! Well done! Now you are ready to tackle mine in a few days time then;)


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