Sunday, April 14, 2013

Texty Charm Swap

Anyone interested in joining a texty charm swap? 
Join up here
We are looking for a few more Europeans to join the group.  It would be lovely for you to join.
May of Confessions of a fabraholic is hosting the swap. 
Head over and check out what she is looking for.
I was thinking of this as my fabric....

Hope it is texty enough!


  1. I love that fabric - great choice.
    Can't wait for the swap :0)

  2. it is fab ...........i want to join but i am in quite a few swaps right now have to give it a thought :)))

  3. I've joined Erin, thanks for sharing, now to order the fabric!

  4. i will go and investigate right now

  5. I am so happy I got a spot! Thanks for sharing

  6. Great choice! There are more 2wenty Thr3e prints arriving in the shop soon. I can't wait to see them in person. They're all gorgeous!


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