Saturday, December 8, 2012

SMS Giveaway Winner.

Thank you all very much to all that joined in the fun of the SMS giveaway.
 It really was a great success and was delighted to read all your messages.    
It made me smile to here that it is still the little things that happen in day to day life that makes us all smile during the day.   
I'm glad to see it isn't all doom and gloom out there.  ( It was Budget day in Ireland on Wed so it has been doom and gloom on the telly and news.)

I do see that the old Random Number Generator has been hard at work over the past 24 hours...Only one other man in a red coat knows how that feels....

So with out further to do I would like to let you all know that my winner of the Stof Pure FQ bundle is .

Susan at Canadian Abroad

Congratulations Susan.  
I am sure you will find something to make out if it.  
I love the line and although it came out in the UK shops quite a while ago, I still have my stash in the cupboard waiting for the day that I will make them into a quilt.

I had a great but exhausting time looking through all the blogs and entering the giveaways. 
But for now it will be back to some sewing.



  1. Congratulations Susan - lovely fabrics!

  2. Woohoo! Thank you so much, Erin. Absolutely thrilled here. What a lovely early Christmas present.

  3. Yay, Susan is a winner! Congratulations

  4. Congratulations to Susan - and as she says a lovely early Christmas pressie - if she doesn't deserve one I don't know who does!

  5. Congratulations to Susan. It is nice when the giveaway is won by someone you know. Di x

  6. Oh my goodness Susan is the luckiest girl alive when it comes to fabric giveaways.


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