Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's really sad when you get a hamper from your hubby's work isn't it! 
Lots of goodies in, plum pudding, hot chocolate and the list goes on.....

But I am looking at the whole package here....
As he walked through the front door this week, I was punched the air with my fist.  YES....Another one.  
As I was taking it off hubby, my smile was ear to ear.   He began to laugh...'I know why your happy!'

Because this is the state of my scrap box......
Last years hamper box was snatched up straight away and put to good use.

So this means I will have 2 scrap boxes.

I'm one happy camper.



  1. Or you could just use up those scraps??

  2. Funny the things that make us glad!

  3. I am so happy that your scrap box look like mine! the second one will be great :)

  4. Well small children love boxes and now that your hubby knows you lover a hamper box is that his Christmas gift list ticked off? Di x

  5. Excellent!
    (That was a nice invite/comment from Steve there!!! WTF!?)

  6. I know exactly how you felt! I have fabric squirreled away in a hamper that we also received through my OH's work. It was ideal for it :)

  7. Sounds like your dh knows you very well! :0)


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