Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comfort zone.

I have been branching out and trying something new this week....nothing like getting out of your comfort zone.

When I went off to the K & S show a few weeks back, I was looking for some of these.....

I really love the diversity of hexagons but have never tried to do them.  If anyone knows a good tutorial on them, please let me know as I want to know if I am doing it right or not.

Fiona had let me know that she buys her hexagons at Paper Pieces.  I gave up after going down  the rows twice with all the lovely polite I caved and ordered them on line.

So it isn't it! 

I did have an idea for these....My Japanese Charm Swap that arrived a good few weeks ago that I haven't blogged about....some very sweet fabric in that I will use with these hexagons

Now I have moved on to some triangle...I made these myself...a little easier to do than cutting out hexagons.

I hope I am doing these the right way also....again any tips are much appreciated.

What am I using these for? 
 you will have to wait and see...a good 100 to go I think.

 And I love that they all pack away in my lovely frame purse from Christiane (blogged here)

Back to stitching!


  1. I, too, have my first hexagon project started. That is, I have cut and tacked some of the 42 hexagons I need to make a project bag!

  2. I print off a page of hexies and cut them when I need them! I think there are a few different places where you can specify which size hexies you want and just go for it! Though the first ones I did were done with the old compass! It works!

  3. I think Lynne did a good piece on epp'ing hexies etc. I always take my EPP places with me in my purse:it's funny some of the places where you end up sewing!

  4. You need Tascha's Hexa Go Go book, and/or Katy's tutes...
    You'll soon be addicted xxx

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with a hundred hexies :)

  6. Are you going to join the travellin pic stitch party on the 30th? :) still time for an Irish entry!

  7. Haha Erin - that is one slippery slope you are on! Enjoy the ride!

  8. Welcome to Hexagon Addicts Inc! Can definitely recommend Tascha's book. Check out the Travelling Pic Stitch blog Hop too for advice.

  9. Some pretty EPP things here


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