Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grooving along

This is all I got done in the way of sewing this past weekend...This is part of my Totally Groovy quilt.  I thought it would be easy to do and yes it is just a bit of tedious but then I suppose all quilts are.
I am very glad though that I didn't decide to do the king size quilt or I would be still be doing it at Christmas time....(actually I will probably be doing this quilt till then anyway.)
I have been sewing my curves and am so happy that I bought a curve master foot for the sewing machine....I did try a tutorial showing how to sew a curve without pinning the fabric but it didn't work so this is what I did in the lovely sunshine on Saturday.....
And then on Sunday I got cracking on the quilt top.
 This is only about a quarter of the quilt....
It needs a good press doesn't it.  I think I need to open the and games.
I have been stalling with the sewing of late but it doesn't stop me buying some fabric.
I picked up some of Lotta's new fabric Bella....I have been waiting and waiting for this line to come out.....have an idea of what I would like to do but will wait a while before I start cutting.
and I picked these up from M is for Make this week....I love what Kate has in her store.
This week I need to start cutting some charms for my two charm swaps.
Oh the joys!


  1. I like your Groove! My fabrics have just arrived so I'm hoping to get started!

  2. A gorgeous looking grove quilt start there!
    I love the Bella line! I'm saving to get the whole collection! =D

  3. I really like the colours in your Groove quilt. I used Amanda's hack, so the piecing went together fairly quickly. I'm waiting for my order of Bella! It is just so gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I love seeing these quilts around blogland! :) It's going to be so beautiful! But all those curves (just the talk of them even) make me nervous. Looks like you're doing a great job. Oh and love your pin cute! :)

  5. Your quilt is looking amazing and worth any hassle. I love those fabrics you picked up from Kate.

  6. It is looking totally groovy Erin! Keep going!

  7. That groove looks great. Keep showing the progress please!

  8. EEE! It's going to be amazing!!!!


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