Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the Frame Purse Swap

I've been really bad on this swap...
( but will have to say that Nicky and Helen have done a wonderful job in running it!)
It has taken me forever to get myself organised and with far too much procrastination over the past few weeks I finally got myself organised. (with my list of things to achieve for the  'I must do' list.)

A combination of two weeks holidays, finishing up in one job and starting another (yes there are jobs out there in Ireland....believe it or not)  has got me out of any routine and getting sewing time has been a bit of a hit and miss.
Now back to the Frame Purse Swap...Here it second ever purse made and I know that there will be many more ( because I went a bit bananas on ordering so many frames.)

Lots of photos so will let them do the talking....I was very happy the way it turned out. 
fabric used was
Ruby Star Spring Melody Miller
Essex Linen
Quilt Blocks (lining) Moda
All fabric was bought from M is for Make.



  1. It's beautiful - well done!! I hope your new job is going well?

  2. oh wow - your second purse ever?! You give me hope - I know there is one coming up in the zakka sew-along & I am anxious to try it!

  3. It's a beaut Erin and you cannot hurry genius! oops I think I will be Last to finish then! Try going away for a few days and then taking on a puppy for screwing your sewing schedule!

  4. That turned out great! I love everything with dragonflies on it ;-) Just the other day I bought my first little frame. I wanna try it, too!

  5. it is beautiful Erin your partner will love it,good luck with the new job too !!

  6. Such a gorgeous purse! Glad to see you having fun making them! =D

  7. Love the purse that you have made, you're partner will be very lucky

  8. So pretty! So pretty! You make me want to fabric shop :)


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