Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fresh Sewing Day. November

Fresh Sewing Day

Look's like it's  Fresh Sewing Day again.  And once again I'm linking up with you all at Lily's Quilts and look forward to seeing what everyone else had got up to for the month.
Well seeing that I missed last months, I can put all of Octobers into this months photos.
(Is that aloud?)
So here it is!

My first few photos I believe you all out there are in love with the new line of fabric from Lotta Jansdotter, Echo. 
Material was bought Sunday.
Fabric arrived Thursday.
Cut up on Saturday and quilt top finished on Sunday.
(Lucky I finished off the quilt top so I have something else to show.)

My next  photos are of my three sets of placemats that I am STILL making.
I used the Cut Out and Keep fabric and some natural linen.  Very easy to make and found the pattern on Handmadebyalissa .  The scraps were used to make up some coasters to go with each set. 
All sets have been quilted and now is the task of binding each set.....I've put this on the long finger at the moment.
Now my last row of photos are of my FMQ that I  did each Friday with Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  I really enjoyed linking up each week to this but all good things come to an end.  
I have decided thought that I'm  going to join up to two other FMQ groups to keep practising.

 Another month gone. 
And what will December bring?


  1. These are great! You were productive!
    I did some FMQ this month, but it's the very beginning (better without photos)
    And I started some placemats too...
    Nice photos!


  2. Beautiful mosaic! I love the colours you are using - the quilt top looks great :)

  3. Love it all - still jealous of your FMQ prowess!

  4. I am admiring your diligence with the FMQ - I am still stuck with straight lines!

  5. Amazing you got your Echo quilt top done so fast! And congrats on all the fmq - that's really cool!

  6. Oh which FMQ things have you joined Erin - will I see you there!

  7. Oh you lucky girl, getting to work with the Echo fabric. Your projects all look amazing.

  8. Love the circle FMQ on the lower right. It reminds me of retro 60's wallpaper!

  9. Love your Echo quilt and I'm glad you solved your binding dilemma with the place mats!

  10. I love the echo quilt and your fmq is amazing!

  11. I love the whole mosaic! The feel of it is very pleasing to the eye. Also, that quilt with the Echo fabric is lovely. Great work!

  12. You've been busy, some gorgeous projects there!


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